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AAWIT's goal is to be the leading source of news, information, and real-world training for its members and online audience. AAWIT is the Internet's leading IT training resource for African-American women. Founded in 2000 by and for African-American women, AAWIT provides its visitors with high quality personal and career-related content.

Solely dedicated to the African-American woman employed in or inspiring to enter the field of Information Technology, AAWIT delivers an audience with dual demographics: IT Professional and African-American female. With numerous awards and recognition, AAWIT is the best way for you to reach the professional African-American female.

What makes AAWIT unique is that we're a Web site with one focus - African-American women aspiring to enter or already employed on the field of Information Technology. AAWIT has become a trusted source for African-American women who count on real-world guidance on IT industry updates, job resources, career and personal development and more.


Aawit.net is aimed at a highly targeted audience. If you are trying to reach the professional, African-American woman, there is no more affordable vehicle than AAWIT.


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Population Size
  • 60% of the 34 million African-Americans are women
  • 64% of African-American women work outside the home
  • 45% of African-American women are head of household

Buying Power and Influence
  • 405,200 African-American women-owned businesses, generating $25 billion in sales and 261,000 jobs
  • $400 billion in buying power (from a total of $500 billion, and assumes women influence 80% of buying decisions)
  • The number of African-American women wage earners has grown 67% in 1998.

Internet Savvy
  • 8.1 million African-American women online (60% of African-American population online)
  • According to Target Market News computer-related expenditures for African-Americans grew 104%, "fueled by the desire for Internet access."
  • This year women are projected to account for half of online sales.
  • African-American women are well positioned to accelerate their online shopping.

Sources: Target Market News, The Buying Power of Black America, 1999;U.S. Census, National Foundation for Women Business Owners (1996 Study); Forrester Research; Jupiter Communications

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